Journal #9-3

12 Nov

Journal #9-3

Alexie has left the reservation because he wanted a better life and wanted to be more successful to be able to support himself and support his family. Although leaving the reservation has its ups and downs Alexie chose to leave because of his family and his success.


People on the reservation might think he is abandoning them for the “others.” When you leave a family like that for something else then its very hard on the people that you are leaving so they will get angry and not think about what is best for you. It’s almost the same thing as leaving your parents to go to college. You are leaving them to become more educated but some of the time the parents don’t want to understand why you are leaving. They just want you home so they will make it harder and harder for you as you move out. It is hard for a family to realize what truly needs to be done.


A positive part of leaving the reservation is hope of coming back to take care of the family.  Although his family wanted him to be a lawyer to help them all get on there feet his job as a writer is still helping them out just fine. That hope of Alexie moving out and getting an education helped his people let Alexie go. They all had to come to the conclusion that he was going to come back and help out.


No matter what happens in our lives there will always be major decisions to be made such as moving to college. Leaving family for the one you love, and leaving things behind to take care of your new family. 


Journal #8 topic #5

6 Nov

Journal #8

Alexie had to go through many things as a kid. Things that he will never forget as an adult and things that many others will never forget. Many good writers usually become more popular when they talk about there own lives and there pasts. Lots of people are real interested in what different lifestyles are like in this world, whether you are African American, Indian, or even white. This is why Alexie wrote this book in the way he did. He wanted people to know that many Indians are drunken alcoholics, and he wanted people to know about his life as a kid no matter how much feeling he had to put into it. That wonder of what its like to live the Indian life is what made this book very popular.

My first thought of the book was different because I am so used to a way different lifestyle than what Alexie had to go through and I couldn’t imagine going through what he went though. This is why I was so interested in all of the drinking heavily and people being passed out. People might be criticizing Alexie for this story but he is only telling the truth. The truth can’t be criticized or judged by anyone but the truth itself. Is this story stereotyping Indians today? It certainly isn’t because Alexie is telling his story in his own perspective and personal experience so there is nothing to stereotype out of it.

Alexie chose to write more about his drunken family and his drunken Indian life because that’s what he remembers most from his past. You remember a lot of good things but you never forget tragic things that happen in your life, especially as a kid his age. 

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6 Nov

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